The European Solution

Die B2B-Revolution – bald in Ihrer Nähe

With XYZ001, we’re creating a procurement model that counters the negative effects of global value chains. A model that puts smart, decentralized mask production right where it’s needed: close to the people and all over Europe. A model that guarantees quality and a reliable supply. That operates at unbeatable prices, because it cuts out the middleman and reduces costs. That minimizes the environmental footprint and strengthens local value creation. That demonstrates how corporate success and social responsibility are actually very compatible. For us, this model is the European solution.

Masks save lives. But every part of the system is flawed, from unethical retailers and inhumane overseas manufacturing conditions to CO2-intensive transport chains. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To top it off, supply can be inconsistent and unreliable.

Plug-and-Play-Fabrik für die Maskenfertigung

The future of production: decentralized, mobile, connected

XYZ001 represents an innovative system shaped by Swiss ingenuity, German engineering standards, and European values. Our “plug-and-play factory” can be set up in any room with access to electricity and Wi-Fi. The machine itself and the main raw material, meltblown fleece, are made in Germany.

Der Nachschub an Rohmaterialien und Verschleißteilen erfolgt „just in time“, alles automatisch und voll automatisiert. Aufstellung und Betrieb der Maschine werden von der Schulung bis zur Wartung von unserem Service begleitet. Partnern, die nicht für den Eigenbedarf produzieren, bietet unsere Vertriebslösung eine geregelte Abnahme zu fairen Fixpreisen. Ein Cent pro Maske fließt zudem in lokale ökologische und soziale Projekte.

Unser Equipment as a Service-Produktionsmodell richtet sich an



Innovative entrepreneurs with an interest in smart production solutions, paired with a competitive, low-investment business model



Any businesses, political entities, public services, private institutions, and care facilities that want to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality protective masks at competitive prices for their clientele (employees, patients, general population)

By the way, the mask is just the beginning. Our growing portfolio of healthcare products will also be produced and distributed according to the same procurement model. That means they will be accessible throughout Europe within our network of local partners and customers. Join the movement!

Do you have a need
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    Es geht (nicht nur) um die Maske

    Masks for corporate and private consumers – for life, for progress, for Europe

    Protective masks will continue to play an important role in our lives. Why not wear a mask and show you’ll take a stand while you’re at it – for life, for progress, for Europe. Our certified FFP2 masks meet the highest protection standards.

    The comfortable fit prevents pressure on the ears, while the high quality of the fleece ensures that the mask is completely breathable. For bulk buyers, we offer the white label version, which can be printed according to individual specifications. For private consumers, we have the REDY mask with its characteristic red ear band.



    The universal mask.
    Für Selbstversorger, Großhandel, Einzelhandelsketten.


    The branded mask with the red band.
    In pharmacies and retail stores.

    Our masks are just the beginning.

    What’s next? For us? For the masks? For production in Europe? Our mailings will keep you up to date.

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